Dies are our hearts!
With our trial stamping machines, stamping dies and Engineering Works

(1)Large scale Progressive Dies

We can manufacture and tryout dies as large as
(Load:1200ton, Die Weight:20ton)

(2)Dies for Transmission parts

Dies for thick sheet metal (up to 9mm).
Plate Forging


Small volume, Urgent, “Die Trunk Room” service.

Large Progressive Dies

We can manufacture and try out progressive dies of Maximum load 1200ton and Maximum die weight 20ton.
Minimize your tryout time at your site. We do tryout our 1200ton Progressive Press machine with coil leveler and feeder.

Thick sheet stamping(Plate Forging)

Plate forging is a really hot topic on metal forming.
We apply this technology for transmission parts.
We support you from R&D to die making.
We can make dies for up to 9mm thick sheet metal.

Urgent Production

We have variety of stamping machines(up to 1200ton) for just try out.
We do backup your production if your facilities are out of order.
We also offer “Die Trunk Room” service.
Small volumes are welcome and save your storage space for dies.


What’s New !

December 16, 2019 Tedikara New ExtensionOpened.
October 31, 2019 1000ton Progressive Press Machine Installed.
July 1,2019 Kiridoushi New Office Opened.